This is my submition for Jamulator 2021, made over the weekend of May 1st, 2020. I started pretty late so sorry for no sounds or nice visuals!

This simulation evokes the work of a dishwasher. 

Click on the hyperlinked text to get all your tasks done.

Keep an eye on the bins in the dish pit (BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN) for things to clean. Whatever happens, your goal is to keep the shelves stocked (TOP OF THE SCREEN) so the restaurant can keep functioning. 

Cleaning dishes (tldr: click the hyperlinks when they appear)

1. In the BINS, click the glasses to place them in the DISH RACK. All other items go in the "OTHER" bin. Click on those to move them into the RIGHT SINK.

2. In the RIGHT SINK, click items to wash them and move them to the LEFT SINK

3. In the LEFT SINK, click items to sinse them and send them to the DISH RACK

4. Items in the DISH RACK are ready to be cleaned! Press RUN MACHINE to run the dishwashing machine. 

5. When the machine is done running, click EMPTY to dry each item 

6. Dry items must be placed back on the shelves! Click on them while they are in the drying area. Voila!

Things are usually pretty slow for you at first while customers are just walking in and ordering.

Restaurant size, menu, stock, and staff are all simulated and randomly generated, so this could be a walk in the park or a totally impossible job! Try generating different places to see how the game changes, or not. 

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