A downloadable game for Android

My attempt at making an audio-only game for mobile.

Requires an Android phone with gyroscope and accelerometer.

In this game you walk around (the real world!), find ghosts and shoot them out of this realm!


In menu: swipe up to start, swipe two fingers down to quit.

Between encounters: walk around. The step counter will trigger events. 

During encounters: point your phone in different directions while holding your finger on the screen to listen for ghosts. There's a reference sound that points to you where it is. When you hear the sound in both ears, shoot the ghost by swiping either left or right on your screen. 

This prototype was meant to explore how elements of soundscape design and mobile sensors can be integrated to create a kind of screenless AR experience. Wear some headphones!


GhostGameDemo.apk 20 MB

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